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Our diverse culture is constantly speaking and teaching us, we learn from our varied nation weunderstand that a solution which is appropriate can never be same to any problem that we solved before or we will unravel in the future.
With every innovative situation and a new client we cross paths with different circumstances these guide us to analyse, think, rethink and LISTEN, which become the guidelines and driving thrust for crafting a unique solution to the uniqueness of the problem.
The above process has been constantly changing us, making us a new, bringing Vinootna to our practice.
Our Speciallization


Inter’s singular aim is to design the best buildings, places and spaces in the world. A central part of this is providing the complete design of buildings across a range of sectors.

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We offer a fully integrated service that complements the overarching architectural concept, ensuring each project is finished to a high level of quality and detail.

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Working with client and community, we deliver masterplans that create vibrant new places and spaces, attract people, and encourage investment through popularity and increased activity

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